Our Mission

Proper etiquette, manners and life skills training will provide your child with an advantage to excel in an ever changing and competitive world. Children with these skills are far more confident with their peers, teachers, parents and other adults. A more confident child is happier, better able to adapt to different situations, better suited to be a leader, and certainly better equipped to succeed in school and life.


Our number one goal is for classes to be informative, engaging, hands on, and yes, especially fun! I will reinforce "good, old-fashioned" manners in a fun and modern way.


With over 20 years experience in event and wedding planning, I have worked on everything from large celebrations, corporate events, fundraisers and intimate soirees to weddings (both large and small) and charitable galas around the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. I am a graduate of the Meeting and Event Management Certification program at KSU and have been trained through the Etiquette Consultant Certification program.